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NAROH ARMS, KeyMod Hand Stop
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Mounting type: KeyMod Specification, Hardware Included
Coating: Military-grade, MIL-A-8625, TYPE lll, CLASS 2 Hard Coat Anodized, Matte Black or Red
Style: KeyMod Hand Stop
NAROH ARMS, KeyMod Hand Stop is precision machined in house from billet 6061-T6 Aluminum and has a Military-grade, MIL-A-8625, TYPE lll, CLASS 2 Hard coat anodized finish for scuff resistance. This hand stop will mount to any KeyMod Spec mounting platform. This hand stop comes with all mounting hardware, but requires a T15 Torx wrench to install ( not included )
All Naroh Arms products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA at our Rockledge Florida facility, not by the lowest bidder or overseas.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 3 × 2 in



  1. Anonymous

    Finally someone who actually takes the time to build nice parts.!

  2. Zach M.

    I really like the look and feel of this handstop. It provides a great look on my rifle, and the weight is negligible.

  3. C. Garcia


  4. tony

    By far the best keymod hand stop on the market. Very low profile and weight next to nothing. I will be order more for the rest of my rifles.

  5. Corey

    Very well built, Lightweight and sleek. works great and secures very well on the keymod rails. I own two now and will get more for anymore of my rifles.

  6. will walsh

    Good product

    Screws seem to be lower quality, usin 1/4 snap on to rx one torx stripped out. Only using slight preasure

  7. Matt

    Locks up tight and flush with key-mod mount. Small but big enough to still be comfortable. Works just as good with hand full forward or with fingers. Ideal for my narrow excellent BCM KMR hand guard. Exactly what I was looking for.

  8. Anonymous

    This hand stop is well made and works great. The keymod slots fit perfectly and stays mounted securley. Machining and finish is good with no sharp edges like some others I’ve tried. Perfect size to do its job. Not too big or too small.

  9. Anonymous

    Was searching for a handstop for the longest time. Happen to come accross this gem while searching google images. Aesthtically this product goes awesome with my URX4 keymod rail. Lines up perfectly and is just the right size, not big and bulky like some. Functionally it is awesome, does what it is suppose to! Quality product, shipping was fast, definitely will be doing business again as im looking at the barrier stop to add as well!

  10. Adam

    Most of my military and civilian experience has been with vertical fore grips, and when Magpul came out with their angled fore grip I gave that a shot. As shooting styles evolve I can say that each type of grip has it’s purpose, the handstop is no different. Naroh Arms Keymod hand stop (KHS) is the best I’ve found on the market. Naroh’s KHS is streamlined yet robust, and ridiculously light. I really like the design, very clean lines and smooth where you want it to be, with just enough texture where your finger goes. The deep, rich black they use in their Type III anodizing is among the best I’ve seen and mates up nicely with top industry platforms. I use Naroh Arms KHS on all my builds and personal rails. I generally don’t do reviews, but Naroh Arms’s KHS is really outstanding.

  11. Bill M.

    This is the first handstop I’ve owned but I’ve handled plenty at gun shows. Here’s the run-down:
    Versatility – The keymod allows almost unlimited mounting options on my KMR handguard.
    Design – I never thought it would be possible to say this about a handstop but this piece is beautiful, like a supermodel or a Lamborghini. It does not look like a klunky afterthought like a lot of other handstops.
    Function – I mounted mine at the 5 o’clock position from the shooter’s perspective. It is very comfortable and natural to grip with the hand full-forward, index finger forward, or hand full-rearward.
    Customer service – Shipped same day and received 2nd day.
    Hey, did I mention this thing LOOKS GREAT! There’s really no comparison to other handstops or vertical grips. Just buy it.

  12. Anonymous

    Awesome Keymod Handstop Light weight and well designed. Will be picking up more !

  13. Anonymous

    The handstop is solid! Great construction and no problems during the install.

  14. Mike

    This hand stop is extremely well made and extremely comfortable… It’s design allows for even more grip styles than I envisioned when I ordered.. Great product

  15. Kenny

    The great thing about this handstop is that it can be used in so many ways. With keymod it’s pretty easy to experiment with different positions along the bottom of the rail. You can set it all the way back and use it like a traditional handstop. Or you can move it up a bit so that it sits between two of your fingers (it’s machined smooth so it’s comfortable).
    I really love this handstop.

  16. RJ

    Great design. Very comfortable in various hand positions. A must for anyone with keymod gear.
    Prompt shipping a big plus.

  17. Tucker

    Pretty Naroh won with product. I’ve used numerous handstops and this is by far the best on the market!

  18. Michael

    This keymod handstop is very sleek, innovative, and is very low profile. I have ordered one for each of my AR’s. I have tried different brands and this one is my favorite of all. I would definitely recommend this handstop to anyone. Great design Naroh Arms!

  19. Josh Ward

    Excellent product. Well machines and the perfect size. Would prefer the option to rotate 180 degrees. I modified to to accomplish this to suit my purpose and needs on my rifles

  20. Venom

    I’ve run multiple hand stops. This one fits great on my rail, has quality aluminum craftsmanship and finish, and a nice ergonomic feel. Solid work from Naroh Arms. Shipping was also fast and product came well packaged.

  21. Jason Kass

    This is a two part review… The handstop is top notch craftsmanship. Fits into the keymod perfectly, locks tight, and fits my hand nice.

    part 2… Customer service is awesome!. I ordered two more (after my first one) but one fell out of a smashed USPS box. They sent me another one without question.

  22. Bill Ray

    Received in a couple days. Easy install. Sleek fit. Let’s me always have my hand in the correct shooting position.

  23. Dylan D.

    Love this handstop! I used to use the AFG2 but found it to be cumbersome for shooting canted at 45 degrees with offset irons. This solved the problem and even when firing from a standard position grip, the Naroh handstop feels natural at all times.

    Well built and incredibly comfortable. No strain on my wrists all. I highly recommend it.

    Shipping was fast too. Very satisfied customer.

  24. Ron S.

    After doing some research I finally decided this hand stop fit all my requirements and was not to expensive. I liked the well rounded and smooth edges and the finish was excellent. It bolted right up to my Keymod handguard without any problems. An excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality stop.

  25. Anonymous

    Milled perfectly, very lightweight and works great for a small sized handstop.

  26. Anonymous

    Great product! In my opinion this is the best finger stop on the market, very esthetically apealing. Highly recommended.

  27. Jim

    I have a few other rail mounted handstops and was looking for something smaller for keymod. This is perfect – small and unobtrusive, looks great, feels great.

  28. VAIN

    The perfect hand stop.
    It doesn’t hang up or snag on clothing, the low-profile feature is ideal for 3gun or tactical applications.
    Finally a company that is inovative and ahead of the curve by building applicable parts for ARs.
    The long forward hand grips will eventually become obsolete.
    Thank you for your support.

  29. Stephen Mosley

    Great product all I ever use

  30. John Pennella (verified owner)

    Very Trick Hand stop, compact, lightweight and the coolest looking ones out there…
    Great product, Highly recommended.. Works exceptionally well in the competition aspect as well.. Very happy with this piece..

  31. Phil (verified owner)

    Excellent handstop, good control, looks sleek.

  32. Joe (verified owner)

    Small, comfortable, and well made.

  33. Robert (verified owner)

    Quick shipping form Naroh. Arrived in 4 days from almost across the county. Beautifully crafted on every edge and fits perfectly on the BCM KMR KeyMod rail.

  34. Brian (verified owner)

    I was looking for a small lightweight handstop for my BCM upper I just purchased. I searched websites and then did a Google search using just the words small key mod handstop. Saw this one in the first few photos and found out Naroh made it. It’s awesome and very comfortable. To me it feels like part of your hand with a very natural grip. It mounts super solid within seconds and the finish is perfect. I would tell anybody looking for a simple, solid, and functionally perfect handstop to get this one!

  35. (verified owner)

    Had this for over a year now. I liked it so much that I bought one in mlok for another upper. Fits great in the hand.

  36. Steve Gibbons (verified owner)

    I’ve been around the shooting sports & defense industries for almost 40 years and have used many dozens of AR pattern stocks, grips, hand guards, fore grips and hand stops. After decades of experimentation the standout for hand stops is the Naroh Arms product. I’m a defense contractor so these are used on our work guns as well as personal AR platforms. Matter of fact, I just purchase two more and am looking forward to installing them this weekend. Please buy with total confidence when purchasing from this company. – SRG US Night Vision Corporation

  37. Stephen Barrieault (verified owner)

    Great fit and finish A+, mountings are easy to install and lock up solid lock up. Very comfortable on the hand and low profile.

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